Development Charges: Community Groups Decry the Absence of Public Consultation

March 31, 2014

The Federation of Citizens' Associations, the Greenspace Alliance and the Healthy Transportation Coalition this morning issued a media release decrying the absence of public consultation on the current review of Development Charges in Ottawa.

On April 1, Trevor Haché was interviewed on CKCU.  Listen to the 14-minute clip here:

New PPS issued -- in effect as of April 30, 2014

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CFB Rockcliffe Development

The Canada Lands Company (CLC) held three pre-consultation meetings with the public to solicit comments and views to develop a Community Design Plan (CDP) for the former CFB Rockcliffe Airbase. The final draft preferred Community Design Plan (CDP) for the former CFB Rockcliffe was presented at an Open House by the Canada Lands Company on 18 Feb 2014.

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Old Richmond Road through Stony Swamp

Please find below elements of the Environmental Study Report for the Hope Side Road/Old Richmond Road (Terry Fox Drive to Highway 416) Class Environmental Assessment:

+ the main report (5.8 MB, 90 pp.)

+ Appendix F - Landscape Assessment and Evaluation report ("Context Sensitive Design and Landscape Report") - 4.2 MB, 16 pp.

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The next step: Ministry review of "OPA 150"

On Christmas Eve, reportedly literally wrapped as a Christmas present, the City delivered to the Ministry of Affairs and Housing what Council had approved on November 26 and confirmed in a by-law on December 11, 2013 - henceforth to be known as OPA 150.  The Ministry now has 180 days to give Notice of any "Ministerial Modifications" it sees fit.  It is quite likely that it will take only about half that time.  A Notice was also posted on the

Greenspace Alliance responds to Ontario's consultation on land use planning and development charges

The Greenspace Alliance today submitted responses to the questions posed by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing about (.) Land Use Planning and the Appeal System; and (.) the Development Charges System.

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Almost all new Country Lot Subdivisions now prohibited -- Council, November 26, 2013

On November 22, as per instructions by Planning Committee on November 8, staff released an "omnibus motion" for consideration by Council at its meeting of November 26.  These latest changes in staff's proposals for amending the Official Plan contained a surprise in section 3.7.2 dealing with the policy on Country Lot Estates.  In short, the City made a deal with Cavanagh: Cavanagh would drop

Urban Natural Area Strategy updated

On October 8, 2013, Ottawa Council's Planning Committee recommended Council approve an update of the 2007 Urban Natural Area (UNA) Strategy.  Apart from three UNAs which it recommends to acquire during the next term of Council, staff proposed to abandon the strategy, claiming that 91% of the land targeted in 2007 now has "some form of protection" -- 1613 ha.  (The 2007 Strategy proposed to protect 1726 ha, down from the 2816 ha in 193 parcels originally identified in the 2005 and 2006 evaluations.)

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2012-2013 Annual Report

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