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                                                          Annual Report 2015

                                                         May 2014 - April 2015

How Ottawa budgets

The City of Ottawa has recently made efforts to make municipal budgeting somewhat less mysterious.  On June 24, 2015, the City Treasurer held a "primer" session on budget basics and the following day Mayor Watson and senior City staff held a 1-hour town hall phone-in.  Here are the links to:

+ a summary version of "Budget 101"

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Water rate structure review

The Greenspace Alliance made the following submission to Environment Committee for its consideration on May 19, 2015 of a staff report on a rate structure review of water, waste water and stormwater.  Or download the PDF.


18 May 2015

Dear Councillors,

Re:  Water, Wastewater and Stormwater Rate Structure Review

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LEAR Review

Below and attached are some questions sent to Council in advance of its meeting of May 13, 2015.  Also attached (see below the letter) are a number of background documents.  Erwin


Dear Members of Council,

Re: LEAR Review Update

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Bill 73 - amending the Development Charges Act and the Planning Act

29 March 2015                                                                           PDF version

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Airport Parkway - Lester Road Widening

In December 2014 the City of Ottawa issued a Notice of Study Commencement for an environmental assessment of widening the Airport Parkway south of Brookfield Road and Lester Road between the Parkway and Bank Street.  The study is expected to take two years.

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Ottawa Wildlife Construction Protocol

From Amy MacPherson, 12 Jan 2015:

Hello everyone,

Attached is the DRAFT Protocol for Wildlife Protection During Construction for your review and comment before February 8, 2015.

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Road Ecology Symposium, Nov 27-28, 2014

The Ontario Road Ecology Group's symposium on "A National Agenda for Canada" gathered close to 120 people from across Canada and from a range of backgrounds at the Canadian Museum of Nature.  Convener Dave Ireland (managing director of the Centre for Biodiversity at the ROM) noted how what eventually led to OREG started ten years ago with conversations at the Toronto Zoo: Road-killed rattlesnakes at Georgian Bay!  The Group officially formed in 2009.  On the spot, Dave launched a 5m53s video on YouTube, "Highway to Help":

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Old Richmond Road through Stony Swamp

Please find below elements of the Environmental Study Report for the Hope Side Road/Old Richmond Road (Terry Fox Drive to Highway 416) Class Environmental Assessment:

+ the main report (5.8 MB, 90 pp.)

+ Appendix F - Landscape Assessment and Evaluation report ("Context Sensitive Design and Landscape Report") - 4.2 MB, 16 pp.

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